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AdWords Management Results in August 2017

We’re in the trenches in AdWords every day, driving leads and sales online for a range of clients. And we’re happy to share the results.

We work on campaigns for all sorts, from removalists, eCommerce stores, plumbers, lawyers to electricians and dentists just to name a few.

Each month, we’ll post some of the highlights from some client campaigns with a brief analysis of what generated the results.

Podiatrist – NSW – 14.03% Conversion Rate at a $24 cost per lead


Strong results for this client last month. In fact, as the below screenshot of their own words shows, it was their strongest ever:

So what is working for them at the moment?

Non brand focus on the campaigns (so we’re not bidding on their company name, just 100% focus on the services) driving traffic to a conversion focused landing page with high quality copywriting.

Our PPC Pros are also working consistently to add negative keywords, optimise bids, test ad copy etc

Chiropractor – Sydney – 14% Conversion Rate


14% conversion rate for this new Chiropractic client. 32 leads generated off just 229 clicks means this campaign has been profitable right away.

Our PPC Pros continue to work on optimising the campaign and the custom landing pages.


Two accounts this month, in two wildly different industries, but strong results for each.

Check back next month for another snapshot of some September 2017 client results.

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