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AdWords Management Results in July 2017

We’re in the trenches in AdWords every day, driving leads and sales online for a range of clients. And we’re happy to share the results.

We work on campaigns for all sorts, from removalists, eCommerce stores, plumbers, lawyers to electricians and dentists just to name a few.

Each month, we’ll post some of the highlights from some client campaigns with a brief analysis of what generated the results.

Conveyancing – NSW – 20.37% Conversion Rate at a $22 cost per lead


Conveyancing is an industry with a high average value for a customer. We’re talking $1,000 plus if you land a sale.

We have generated 78 leads this month at a cost per lead of $22. This client would recoup their AdWords costs by converting just 2 of these leads into customers!

Carpet Cleaning – Sydney – 51.79% Conversion Rate


Our main campaign for this carpet cleaning business is converting at just shy of 52%. That’s 1 in 2 people getting in touch after clicking an ad.

As is the case with most of our client results, this has been achieved through the use of a conversion focused landing page and a highly targeted AdWords campaign.

Our team provides ongoing maintenance on the campaigns to reduce wasted budget and improve the volume of enquiries generated for the spend.


Two accounts this month, in two wildly different industries, but strong results for each.

Check back next month for another snapshot of some July 2017 client results.

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