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AdWords Management Results in July 2018

Time for another monthly update of the top results our clients have received in the past month.

These results are what you can expect when your campaign is given the attention it deserves every month.

Skip Bin Hire – NSW – 32% Conversion Rate at a $22 cost per lead



The screenshot above shows that since we started work on the account, the cost per lead our client pays has dropped from about $34 down to as low as $16, averaging about $22 since we started work.

Because we have them paying less per lead it means the client is now enjoying more leads from the same Google Ads spend.

How did we achieve this?

  • Expansion of negative keywords
  • Optimised excluded location settings
  • Much better location targeting settings
  • Improvements to ad scheduling
  • Optimised bid adjustments based on data in the account

This client is only fresh on the scene at PPC Pro, however, an improvement in CPA like that is a very positive start.

Bring on the further improvements each month from here!

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