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AdWords Management Results in October 2019

Plus Fitness – Sydney Locations 


This month we are going to share the results that were achieved for two Plus Fitness Google Ads accounts.


As Plus Fitness’ prefered marketing supplier we have the great pleasure of managing multiple Plus Fitness Google Ads accounts. This allows us to gain learnings each month which we take forward to improve on past months results.



This account generated 42 form submissions and 15 calls from ads at a cost-per-lead of $17.92 for the month. 



The second account that we are going to share with you today also saw strong results in October with 71 leads at a cost-per-lead of $21.77.


Our strategy is tailored to each location with hyper-targeted local campaigns which drive qualified traffic to a high converting landing page. 


This landing page will promote a free 7-day trial along with the monthly promotion where users will either call the location or submit an enquiry form with their contact details. Along with this we have also found that users who find Plus Fitness locations via Google Ads will then go directly to the location as they are made aware of the offer.


Once we have built a conversion-focused landing page we will then construct highly-efficient campaigns which target the surrounding areas of the location. Our PPC Pros have come up with a formula for creating campaigns which use high intent keywords to ensure a strong conversion rate is maintained.


Once the account begins to collect data our team will then regularly optimise the account with learnings that we gain from past performance. Over time this fine-tuning of the campaigns will result in more leads at a lower cost-per-lead.

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