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AdWords Management Results in September 2019

LED Bathroom Mirrors – NSW, VIC & QLD – 14.35% conversion rate at a $13.17 cost-per-lead


We have seen continuous growth month-on-month for this client and a significant decline in the cost-per-lead that is coming in since working on the account.


Through testing, experimentation and regular optimisations the lead volume in the account has grown substantially over the last quarter.



When this client first approached us there was no conversion tracking set up and therefore no accurate picture of how the account was truly performing. 

Our PPC Pros got to work, starting with an account rebuild with all of the account settings, tracking and campaign settings optimised to ensure strong foundations that set the account up for success.

From here, we had a learning period before our PPC Pros could begin to determine exactly where in the account resources should be allocated. Once we knew where we could get the most “bang for our buck” to output as many leads as possible, we could then trim the fat from the account to allow high converting keywords to have access to all of the budget. 

Some of the optimisations our PPC Pros completed on the account to achieve these results:

  • Landing page testing to find which combinations of keywords and landing pages produce the highest conversion rate.
  • Keyword refinement to narrow in high performing keywords and down weight or pause under performing keywords.
  • Keyword exploration – by implementing dynamic targeting we were able to see if there were any more opportunities to expand the reach of the campaigns through wider keyword targeting.
  • Bid adjustments based on the conversion data that we have coming through the account.

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