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AdWords Management Results in June 2017

We’re in the trenches in AdWords every day, driving leads and sales online for a range of clients. And we’re happy to share the results.

We work on campaigns for all sorts, from removalists, eCommerce stores, plumbers, lawyers to electricians and dentists just to name a few.

Each month, we’ll post some of the highlights from some client campaigns with a brief analysis of what generated the results.

Removalist – Sydney – 58.12% Conversion Rate


We’ve turned nearly 2 out of every 3 clicks on the ads into a lead (phone call or form submission) for this removalist company.

Simply put, this is one of the highest conversions rates we’ve ever seen.

We’ve achieved this through a well-optimised landing page with a range of conversion focused elements, well targeted and tightly controlled ad campaigns and high-quality negative keyword lists.

Another key with this account is constant monitoring of keywords and adjusting bidding to ensure we’re not over spending for the top spots, nor are we missing out with ads showing below the fold.

Antenna Installation – Sydney – 43.06% Conversion Rate


We’ve turned roughly 1 in 2 clicks into a lead (phone call or form submission) for this antenna installation business.

Our campaigns are hyper local in their targeting, and it pays off.

We also break out best performing keywords into their own campaigns to double down based on the data in AdWords.

Of course, with lead generation being the name of the game, a high quality, conversion focused landing page is in place to give us the best shot of converting the click into a lead.

Alcohol Ecommerce – National – $7 return for $1 ad spend on Google Shopping


This client is an online retailer, shipping products nationwide.

We are running their Google Shopping campaigns and managing the Google Shopping feed, and are working to a target of $5 to $1 return on advertising spend.

In June we were able to generate $10,586 in revenue off just a $1,463 media spend, which is a $7 to $1 return on their ad spend.

We achieve this through closely monitoring and optimising the bids for converting (and non-converting) products, device bid adjustments and a range of other Google Shopping specific optimisation strategies.


Three accounts, two lead generation and one ecommerce focused, all of them with fantastic results.

Check back next month for another snapshot of some July 2017 client results.

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