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AdWords Management Results in May 2017

We’re in the trenches in AdWords every day, driving leads and sales online for a range of clients. And we’re happy to share the results.

We work on campaigns for all sorts, from removalists, eCommerce stores, plumbers, lawyers to electricians and dentists just to name a few.

Each month, we’ll post some of the highlights from some client campaigns with a brief analysis of what generated the results.

Carpet Cleaner – Sydney – 391 leads at 42.55% Conversion Rate


We’ve turned 4 out of every 10 visitors to this campaign into leads for the client, driving a whopping 391 enquiries for them for the month.

Let’s run a hypothetical here. This particular client is really well priced, so let’s assume they convert just 40% of these leads into sales at a cost of $120 per sale.

That would be 156 new clients for $18,768 in revenue, from a media spend of $6,000. A nice return on investment there, turning every $1 of marketing spend into $3 in revenue.

This is the right way to approach AdWords. You need to know your average order value & your lead to sale conversion rate and optimise your campaigns with these figures in mind.

If you’re not on top of these things, you’re not running your AdWords campaign with both eyes open!

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