Michael Costin

Google Doubles AdWords Budgets

In an attempt to make AdWords more “flexible,” Google just gave itself the ability to double your daily advertising budgets as they see fit… Yep, that is a huge, shocking change and one that certainly caught most PPC professionals off guard. What is Google’s justification, and how are advertisers reacting? More importantly, what does it …

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Behind the Scenes: A Cosmetic Dentist Generating 200+ Leads Per Month

When someone needs cosmetic dentistry this fact is unavoidable: They’re going to be laying down many thousands of dollars for the service. So if you’re a dentist… winning new customers in this space is valuable. Like most markets where customers are spending big, the AdWords space for cosmetic dentists is extremely competitive. So… if we …

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Guide to URL Tracking in Google Analytics

Are your email marketing campaigns working? You might be getting a high number of clicks, but clicks without conversions signal potential problems with either your email messages or the landing pages to which you’re sending visitors. Even with in-depth analytics, it’s hard to tell where the disconnect between interest and follow-through happens. URL tracking demystifies …

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