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Google Ads Management Results in December 2019

Electrician – QLD – 92 leads at a cost-per-lead of $60.13

This month we are looking at a case study of an account for an electrician. This is a small business that is looking to scale their business up. In order to do this it’s vital that they have a steady flow of leads coming in each week to be able to generate enough ROI on Google Ads to be able to continue to grow.


Over Q4 of 2019 we looked at how we can scale their current campaigns to be able to help them achieve their goals.


In December we saw the third consecutive month of growth for the account with the cost-per-lead falling to $60.13 in December from $106.47 in October.


The conversion rate for the account was 23.29% which means that every 4-5 clicks generated in the account resulted in a lead for the client.



92 leads at a cost-per-lead of $60.13


We were able to see consecutive growth for every month last quarter by starting with a solid foundation – this meant ensuring that the structure and settings of the campaigns were optimised to ensure we can easily monitor and make changes across the account.

Along with this we also made a few major changes at the beginning of the quarter to prepare for the planned account grow:

Improved conversion tracking

To begin scaling up we knew that it would be vital to improve conversion tracking in the account so that we can track every lead that is coming through and the quality of each of those leads. 

Previously the account was tracking form submissions and clicks to call. While clicks to call is a free method of tracking, it often results in over reporting calls as a user’s click does not always mean a call has been made. 

To do this we installed third-party tracking which shows which keywords and search queries were driving the highest volume of leads. From where we are able to optimise more effectively towards phone calls and form submissions.

Location-focused keyword targeting

The strategy for the primary campaign was to use location focused keywords and customise the landing page to what the user was searching for. 

What this means is that if a user searches ‘Electrician Mount Gravatt’ then both the landing page and ad copy would match the user’s query. This increases the relevance of the ad as well as matches the exact intent of the user searching – we’re showing the right message at the right time to the right user.

Click fraud protection

The cost-per-click (CPC) for almost any trade industry is extremely high. For this month, the client’s average cost-per-click was $14.01. With such high CPCs we had to ensure that each click is a genuine user with intent to buy now.

We installed click fraud protection into the account for a 7-day trial. What this does is look at user’s IP addresses and based on how many times they click an ad in a time frame along with their onsite behaviour, the software will determine if a genuine user has come to the site via an ad. If they are seen to be a fraudulent user then their IP address is automatically blocked from the account so they won’t have ads served to them anymore.

As a result, the cost-per-lead went down and the conversion rate went up as ads were no longer being clicked by people who had no intent to purchase services from the client. 

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