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Google Ads Management Results in November 2019

Hair Salon – QLD – 1,369 in-store visits conversions for $5.84 per customer

Google Ads gives us the ability to be able to track almost any action a user completes both online and offline. This gives us an understanding of what a user does after they click on an ad.

For this client we are looking at how many users first clicked on an ad and then visited one of their locations. A store visit is only counted if a user enters the store – it will not track a store visit as simply walking past the location.

With continuous work on the account since its rebuild in May 2019 we have been working on driving as much foot traffic as possible to the salon’s locations around Queensland. 

We have been able to achieve an average of 300+ users per week coming into a salon after completing a search on Google and clicking on an ad.


1,369 in-store visits conversions for $5.84 per customer


It’s always important to get granular with data rather than just looking at top-line metrics to determine performance such as brand vs non-brand campaigns. For this reason we have broken out performance by brand vs non-brand

For this month store visits came from the following

  • Brand: 1,176 store visits @ $1.79 per visit
  • Non-brand: 193 store visits @ $31.35 per visit

The non-brand acquisition cost of $30 per store visit has been very much a profitable one for the client, due to the fact that their average order value is well into the hundreds of dollars, and most customers will come back multiple times.

Location-focused strategy

A large part of what has made this account so successful is the location focused landing pages and keywords. 

The reason for this is that by matching location-focused landing pages with users who have a specific location in their search query, we are able to drive users to a landing page that matches their intent. 

These landing pages have all of the specific details on each salon and allows users to book appointments for that location on the landing page.

Local Campaigns

The PPC Pro team also utilised a local campaign. 

The primary goal for the campaign is driving in-store visits. This is a unique campaign type which leverages automated bidding to decide when to show ads to users with the highest intent. 

This was a success with 31 store visits from this campaign alone with a cost-per-visit of $12.62.


Remarketing also played a role in the success of the campaigns. 

While there are not a large volume of conversions that come directly from remarketing, it is a powerful tool that allows us to follow non-converting users around the internet so that the brand stays top-of-mind.

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