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How To Use AdWords Shared Negative Keyword Lists

Today we show you how to save time with your negative keywords by using the Shared Library feature in AdWords.


Video Transcription

[00:00:00] Hi guys. Michael from PPC Pro here and today we’re going to take a look at shared negative keyword lists. This is a great feature in AdWords which makes it really quick and easy to add negative keywords to your account then apply it to all your campaigns. So it’s a great time saver and this video is going to be quick too so you’re saving time all round. So let’s jump over to AdWords and I’ll show you how to do it.

[00:00:20] Before we jump into the shared negative list I just want to have a look at where you would add in negative keywords normally to either a campaign or ad group.

[00:00:29] So if you’re looking in your AdWords account here at all the different campaigns you have running you can click here on the keywords tab and then on the negative keywords tab. And then here is where you can add in keywords at either the campaign level, so you just pick the campaign you want to add it to then enter your keywords. And that will apply to every ad group in that campaign or you can add it at the ad group level. So just say you want it on only two ad groups in one campaign, but you don’t want it in the rest of the other ad groups.

[00:01:02] But the problem with doing it this way is, obviously, if you’re adding it to a campaign you can only select one campaign at a time and then enter them all in. So you have to repeat that over and over again if you want to add those negative keywords to multiple campaigns.

[00:01:18] There is a cool way of getting around that. Its called the shared library. So its down here in the bottom left of the screen. If you click that you can see there is this section here for campaign negative keywords. If you jump into that you can set up lists once and then apply them to multiple campaigns.

[00:01:36] So you can see here I’ve got 281 keywords in this shared negatives list and added it to five campaigns. And it really is as simple as giving your list a name here and then typing in keywords. I’ll just make one up, Bob. And when you save that it can then be applied to multiple campaigns. So just click this box and then apply it. Bang bang bang. All the different campaigns you want to add it too.

[00:02:04] So the way I like to use this is for those sorts of negative keywords that should just “always be on” in your account. So here you’ll see I’ve got all stuff like bargains, articles, books, education type stuff, cheap, college, anything to do with that sort of stuff. Discount, all sorts of words that you wouldn’t ever want your ads showing for.

[00:02:31] This client also only works in certain geographical regions in Sydney and we have broad match modified keywords running for some some of their target keywords. And if people use those keywords plus a suburb, the ads will show. But we can control that by adding in those suburbs as negative keywords here.

[00:02:54] So now we’re sort of able to sculpt the the ads to only show for people searching for specific suburbs that we want them to and it will exclude all of these. So I’ve added these in once and then just applied it to the campaigns that we’re running the broad match modified keywords.

[00:03:12] So it’s a great time saver and one of the first things I do when I set up a new campaign is always create this shared negatives list with a big list of all the junk that you don’t ever want your ads to show for. But then you can also use it for all sorts of different other ways, for example suburbs. So that’s just a cool trick and yeah I hope it saves you guys some time on your own accounts.

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