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Nine Reasons Australian Businesses Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Have a business here in Australia? If you do, you’ve probably put together a great advertising plan. If you haven’t yet included Facebook in that advertising plan you may want to reconsider your strategy. Here’s why Australian businesses should be advertising on Facebook.


1. Your Audience Is Huge

Most people you know use Facebook. In fact, more than one and a half billion users pop on to their Facebook accounts every single day. That’s a lot of users—and they’re your potential audience.

Using Facebook advertising allows you to move beyond your friends and those who’ve liked your business page. Facebook can bring your advertisement to potential consumers you haven’t even considered.

Traditional organic reach mostly involves those who are located close to you or who you have an existing relationship with. Through the use of Facebook advertising, those boundaries aren’t in play—you can reach your audience through feeds in all corners of the world.


2. People Spend an Incredible Amount of Time on Facebook

The average person spends more than half an hour on Facebook every day. That adds up to a pretty significant chunk of their day. Most of that time is spent scrolling through feeds—this is where your potential consumer will experience exposure to your product.

The number of Facebook users far outweighs the number of Facebook advertisers. This means you’ll be facing less competition while also expanding your audience reach.


3. The Effectiveness of Organic Reach Has Diminished

Facebook has been working hard to make its algorithms more efficient and to align with their goals as a company. Unfortunately, this has resulted in fewer updates and less exposure reaching the people who’ve expressed an interest in your company.

Remember, your business goals and Facebook’s business goals aren’t necessarily going to align here. Tapping into their advertising sector, though, makes you a different kind of client. Implementing an advertising campaign allows your business to move beyond the organic reach approach that used to get results.


4. Content Is Easily Promoted and Shared

Ready for a shocking statistic? More than 4 million posts are liked every minute on Facebook. Every time a post is liked, notifications may be sent out to that user’s friends. If those friends also like the post, notifications also go out to their friends.

It’s that easy to promote and share your material—and gain a new audience. In a matter of seconds, you’ve tapped a whole network of potential clients you would have otherwise missed out on. And all you had to do was share that original post.


5. Page Visitors Can Be Tagged for Remarketing Purposes

Using the Facebook advertising platform allows you to leave page visitors with a cookie. This cookie helps you track your audience and allows you to implement a remarketing campaign. Remarketing allows you to tap back into someone who’s interested in your product—hopefully during a time where a sale can be completed.

These tags allow you to easily remarket toward your future consumer but it’s not all they do. These cookies give you a real insight into your audience and who’s taking that final step to becoming a customer. This can be invaluable data when it comes to tweaking your advertising campaign.


6. Remarketing Campaigns Are Simple and Straightforward

If you haven’t used a remarketing campaign in the past, Facebook’s advertising platform is a great place to get started. Once you’ve identified and tagged your audience, a remarketing campaign brings your information back to them at a later time.

This helps build brand familiarity, which can lead to involvement and trust. In fact, remarketing campaigns can help significantly improve engagement. Those are potential sales and customers you don’t want to miss out on.


7. Facebook Offers Customised Targeting

Finding your audience is easier than ever with Facebook’s custom targeting approach. You can help identify the people who are most likely to become consumers of your product. Your advertisements are then brought straight to them.

Unlike other advertising platforms, these aren’t generic identifiers. Facebook’s system allows for extremely specific identification. This increases the likelihood that the advertisements you’ve spent time, energy, and money on are actually reaching your intended audience. Of course, this can easily translate into more sales.


8. “Calls to Action” Are Simple to Include

A “call to action” can provide the final push to your future clients. Each call to action you include can bring you one step closer to acquiring those new clients you’ve been hunting for. A simple email list or a prompt to call or book an appointment can bring clients one step closer to purchasing.

Have you struggled to come up with effective ideas for a meaningful call to action? Facebook makes it easier than ever to include a call to action to your advertising. Facebook even offers options to help take the guesswork out of creating it. It’s also harder to bypass these calls to action when they’re located on a landing page.


9. Managing Your Ads Is Quick and Easy

Your advertising needs won’t be stagnant. That’s a good thing. It means your business is continuing to grow and evolve.

If you’ve dealt with advertising in the past, you know this can be frustrating. Just as you’ve identified a pattern, things begin to change and your work is set out for you again. The great news is that making minor adjustments to your advertising campaign on Facebook is simple.

You may be looking to make slight alterations to your targeted audience or have some extra funds to funnel into advertising. Either way, making changes is easy to do.

Just make your way over to your ad settings. In a matter of moments—and with a few clicks—you’ve updated your advertising to reflect your current needs.


Using Facebook Advertising to Further Your Business

Don’t miss out on an exceptional advertising platform. Facebook allows you to customise your advertising approach to best suit your business’s needs. Take the time to launch your campaign today—you won’t regret it when the results start rolling in.

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