A Rubbish Removal AdWords service that generates you new customer leads every day.

We are experts in generating leads for the rubbish removal and skip bins industry. If you’re a rubbish removal or skip bin company and want a flood of new leads get your free proposal now to learn competitor insights, improvement tips & pricing customised to your business.

Expect a lot of rubbish removal leads. Every day. Guaranteed.

We have developed proven Google Ads strategies that unleash a torrent of new customer leads for rubbish removal & skip bin businesses.

To the right is a screenshot of just one customer’s email inbox, receiving new rubbish removal leads every day like clockwork.

We are already delivering quality leads for skip bin hire businesses across Australia – and we can do it for your business too!

A transparent and refreshingly different AdWords service for the rubbish removal industry.

We are experienced in dominating the Google AdWords results for skip bin & rubbish removal keywords.

Time Tracked... To The Minute

The problem with a lot of other AdWords management services is you never truly know how much work is done on your account. PPC Pro is 100% transparent and tracks every minute with our proprietary software.

More Hours For Your Money

To put it simply, you get more for less with us and we can prove it with our time tracking and reporting. Thanks to our unique business model, more work is done on your account, giving you the edge over your competition.

Less Clients Per Staff Member

At PPC Pro, we cap the number of clients our campaign managers service. This guarantees that your account will have the promised & undivided attention you've paid for (and deserve) each month.

Book a quick call now & we'll show you how we offer a better service & more optimisation than anyone else in the market.

AdWords for Rubbish & Skip Bin Leads

If you’re in the rubbish removal & skip bin industry you already know how competitive it is to generate new leads on Google. Not only that, if you do it wrong it gets expensive… really fast.

We are experienced experts when it comes to winning new customers for rubbish removal & skip bin hire businesses via Google Adwords.

We have refined processes and tactics tailored to the rubbish removal. From smart location targeting to steps to mitigate competitors clicking your ads, we know what it takes to generate leads for skip bin companies with AdWords.

Book a call now to find out how we can help you.

A cost per lead of $15 and conversion rate of 42% for this business:

Transparent & Profitable PPC

for just $299 set-up & $399 per month ongoing

You need a Google Ads partner that is efficient, responds to your enquiries promptly, delivers the full hours you pay for each month and gets results.

The problem is many AdWords agencies “do it cheap” by cutting corners. That means poor service. No work done on your account at all in a month. You can never get them when you need them. Weeks without a reply, or worse, no reply at all. You never see any reports.

Does that story sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be. At PPC Pro we have honed and refined an operation that flips that status quo on it’s head.

Get your Free Proposal now and we’ll show you competitor insights, campaign improvement tips & pricing customised to your goals:

Enjoy the confidence your Google Ads campaign is in good hands & you're getting the service you pay for

Here's what's packed into our Google Ads service for rubbish removal

100% Truly transparent

You see everything. A to the minute log of where our time is spent, access to the account and regular reporting keeps you informed every step of the way.

fanatical support

This is so important to us it’s a core value and a brand promise. All you have to do is email and our fully resourced support team will help in the blink of an eye.

game changing processes

No ad-hoc or made up on the fly work here. Our expert PPC Pros have a process for any task done more than once. This ensures top quality work every time.

Tracked to the minute

Our staff use our proprietary time tracking software. Access a log of what they did for your account complete with screenshots as they worked. 

money back guarantee

If we don’t deliver what we promise it’s simple – you get your money back. We guarantee to deliver the full 7 hours on your account every month or your money back.

top quality control

Our founders have over 8 years experience and keep a close eye on every client. Unique software and processes ensure that all work is logged and reviewed for quality control purposes.

We are a PPC agency that will make you more money online.

We've got the Premier Google Partner badge to prove it
Here's how we do it...

Well Resourced Staff

We cap the number of accounts campaign managers work on. This ensures they have a small roster of clients to service and time to give your account the attention it deserves including strategy, optimisation, research, reporting & support each month.

Fanatical Support

Log a ticket in business hours and we respond within an hour. No more unanswered requests or waiting for weeks at a time. Get fast & comprehensive support. In fact, providing Fanatical Support is so important to us we use it as a KPI for our staff.

Amazing Process & Quality Control

We have developed processes for PPC optimisation tasks, refined over years working on campaigns in the most competitive markets. Our campaign managers follow them to the tee. Senior staff regularly review work to ensure it is of the highest quality.

We deliver a lot of Account Optimisations every month - guaranteed.

Your change history will show work is done every month or your money back. Our time is tracked to the minute + comprehensive reporting.
Here's just some of what we'll do (and report on):

 Manual bid optimisations
 Keyword match type selections
 Quality score improvements
 Keyword expansion & refinement

Negative keyword expansion
Single keyword ad groups
Competitor research
Bid modifiers

Device targeting improvements
Geo-targeting improvements
Day parting improvements
Premier Google Partner beta releases

A team of lead generation experts, designers, copywriters, AdWords managers & digital marketers... working for you.

For one simple monthly fee we offer an all-you-can-eat buffet of AdWords management & support. Even if your account is "ticking along", our team are constantly researching your market & competitors to identify opportunities. Comprehensive reporting is provided to you every month. Fanatical support at the ready to help with any request during Australian business hours.

The Right Pricing for Success With AdWords

We have worked to generate tens of millions of dollars worth of new business leads for our customers.

Over the years we've refined the lead generation processes, tactics and pricing that can be rolled out no matter what your industry.

7 Hours Guaranteed Management Per Month

One time $299 + GST On-boarding Fee then:
$ 399 + GST Per Month
  • We guarantee to provide a minimum 7 hours of AdWords account optimisation, management, research & reporting each month or your money back.
  • Every minute we work on your account is tracked and reported on including regular screenshots of our computer screen as we work. You have full access 24/7.
  • Comprehensive reporting provided at the start of each month as well as regular updates throughout the month so you always know how you're performing.
  • Fanatical support... and we mean fanatical. Log a support ticket during business hours and we'll respond within one hour.
  • Your account makes up 7 of the maximum 150 hours client work our staff member delivers. This means your account gets the attention it not only needs, but that it deserves.

PPC and AdWords Management for Rubbish Removal Companies

Pay per click (PPC) management is a great way to accelerate your rubbish removal business and increase your customer base.

These days, a successful business is one that has a strong online presence. SEO or search engine optimisation is a great way to keep your website up in Google ranking. But often, businesses require more than that. AdWords management and investing in Google paid search for rubbish removal businesses can give much better results than you would have imagined!

When you invest in Google Ads for your rubbish removal business, you pay for each click on your advertisement. Many businesses are wary of the investment, as they aren’t aware of how to strategize well to ensure that they earn more than they invest.

If you’re considering hiring an agency for this work, then you’re in the right place.

Why hire someone at all?

Investing in Google AdWords for your rubbish removal business can enable customers to click on your website first and give you an edge in this competitive market. It will draw more visitors to you, increase your phone calls and online inquiries, and give you more sales.

Here at PPC Pro, our founders have been in the business for over 8 years. We have the right experience and our team of experts than can handle everything related to PPC for your business from start to finish.

Features of PPC Pro

  1. We believe in 100% transparency

Say goodbye to the days of being overbilled by an agency. Once you hire us, you will be able to see exact screenshots and the timeline of the paid search strategies we have worked on for your business. This helps keep you in the loop, and makes sure that you are aware of what you are paying for.

  1. We work strategically and know what works

Our research has shown us that seven hours of concentrated and precise Google AdWords management is sufficient to keep your business up in the pay per click management game. And this is what we promise to deliver as well.

  1. We provide uncompromising customer support

You can count on us to get back to you and answer all your doubts. We revert to all queries within the next working hour. Moreover, if we do not deliver what we have promised, you get your money back!

  1. Expect only quality work from us

We ensure that each of our staff member is only working at their best capacity. For this we have a cap on the number of clients they can serve at one time. This guarantees that you get what you are paying for, and more.

Book our 15 minute call now!

Don’t wait, book our free call right now. Our global team of lead generators and expert AdWords managers is ready to be at your service. For a fixed price of $399 per month, make the move and help your rubbish removal business prosper online.

Get in touch with us right away and let us lead your business to success!

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